Your Qualities

To succeed at Mazars you need a strong academic background, equally important are your personal qualities and how these influence the way you apply yourself to the role.

To succeed at Mazars you need a strong academic background

Driven by success?

You must have an interest in business and a thirst for learning and developing. We will provide exposure to loads of different skills and areas but you need to actively approach each task so that you get the most out of your experience as a trainee.

What’s your background?

Our trainee profile is very diverse. We like interesting people from different backgrounds. We have always recruited people from different disciplines and this adds to the unique culture at Mazars.

People person?

It’s a people business; when you are not dealing with clients you will be dealing with other staff so you will need to be a good communicator and focused on building relationships. We strongly encourage staff to get involved in extracurricular activities and there are plenty to choose from!

Up for the challenge?

You should enjoy diversity and challenge. There will never be a dull moment in your career with us – so if you are looking for the tried and trusted way of doing things, Mazars won’t suit you.

Want to be more than just a number?

You must be ambitious, with a strong sense of responsibility and an interest in making a difference on a professional and personal level. We ask staff to take on a lot of responsibility even in Year 1.


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